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Attention Area Business Owners Did You Know Your Ice Could Be Making Your Customers Sick? It’s true. Ice machine maintenance is extremely important to the health and safety of your customers. Whether in a hotel, restaurant or bar, if you haven’t cleaned your ice machine lately, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria, scale, mold and mildew. Frequent cleaning of your commercial ice machine is an essential part of routine maintenance. Not only does it support the sanitation of your overall operation, but also preserves the quality of your ice, helps extend the life of your ice machine and increases its performance. Why Clean Your Ice Machine and Ice Bins Regularly? • In addition to the refrigeration components, your ice machine uses a series of pumps, sensors and valves to produce ice. • Your machine will not operate properly if scale accumulates on a sensor or worse, obstructs a pump. • If there is scale in your ice machine, there could be bacteria in your ice.

John F Milburn

The Pad Thai today was not good. It was flavorless and I could not finish it.

John F Milburn

The Pad Thai was boring and flavorless. Not your usual. I couldn’t even finish it.

Rebecca Gifford

Absolutely love your restaurant! Always do a fabulous job. Friendly staff and great atmosphere.

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