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Tracell J VanWormer-Gapczynski

Best local Hibachi Beautiful setting

Kyle Keller

Hi, I wanted to find out if you are open for lunch and if you offer any lunch specials or catering deals to businesses in the area? Can you use more lunch business or catering orders? We do a program for many restaurants where we help increase your lunch business and catering orders from nearby offices in the area! (Medical offices, schools, small and large office complexes) It is a short program. Based on a (5) week period (so no long term contracts, judge us by the results) What we do is send your lunch specials or catering offers to nearby businesses, right before lunch! We only send your specials to businesses in the area who ask us to send them your specials! Businesses who want to see your specials! We have a marketing team who physically call every business we can (within a 1-5 mile radius) of the restaurant and ask them… ~ If they have heard of the restaurant? ~ If they know, where you are located? ~ If they would like us to send them over a m

frank hernandez

please send coupon offers

Evan Almindo

Management, I recently checked out your restaurant’s website, and I’d love the opportunity to maybe show you something better. My name is Evan Almindo, and I am a web developer from Albany, New York. I’ve recently decided to start my own service, Delish, that offers restaurants a full website solution that includes design, hosting, analytics, and management for $149.99/mo. You’ll never have to lift a finger again to update something on your website, and I can customize your website to fit your specific needs. I would like the opportunity to design a complete build for you to preview before you pay me a single cent. You can learn more about the services I offer on my website located at If you’d like to view a demo build of what your website could look and function like, please visit If you’d like to set up a call to learn more about what I can do for your restaurant, please contact me at (518) 963-5014 or email me at e

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